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Halouksh Tales

As artistic lead on Dell'Arte's multi-year collaboration with the Wiyot Tribe at Table Bluff, I wrapped up the recording of the narration and sound design for the 2nd shadow play created with the children at Tsek Houdagh, the tribe's after-school program, in late April, 2018. I had the delight of working once again with master puppeteer and D'A Technical Director James Hildebrandt in addition to D'A company member Pratik Motwani. The result is a story entitled Grandma and Dalila which takes us on the journey of how a young girl learns to gather materials to weave a basket cap with her grandmother.

The new play will be presented alongside The Stolen Salmon, our original project created in 2016 with Tsek Houdagh, at Dell'Arte's Mad River Festival under the title "Halouksh Tales".

"Halouksh" means "shadow" in the Wiyot language.

Special special special thanks to Jesse Sherman and Ted Hernandez for voice talent, and Leona Wilkinson and Cheryl Seidner for voice talent and script consultation, and Wiyot linguist Lynnika Butler for language consultation, research, and pronunciation.

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