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Zuzka Sabata is a performer, writer,  and singer of Czecho-Californian provenance who has generated community-engaged original work for over 20 years. She received her Master’s of Fine Arts in Ensemble-based Physical Theatre at Dell’Arte International in 2008. She has coordinated community-based collaborative projects for Dell'Arte since 2010,  and is currently the organization’s Co-Artistic Director for The Bartow Project in partnership with filmmaker Michelle Hernandez. She is a member of the Dell'Arte Company which she has performed with and written for for 10 years. Zuzka Sabata co-founded Pelican Bay State Prison’s first theatre program under the California Arts Council Arts-in-Corrections program and with the support of the William James Association in 2016. She is lead artist in a multi-year collaboration and cultural exchange with the Wiyot Tribe at Table Bluff.  She is a practitioner of Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese form of medicinal movement meditation. Zuzka specializes in creating original work that addresses difficult or opaque subject matters that have deep social impact. Please see the projects page for more info on her work.

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