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The Secret Life of Ms.Oatman

written and performed by Zuzka Sabata

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- a new play about events in the life of historical figure Olive Oatman who was 

 adopted by the Mohave Tribe in 1852. Zuzka set out in writing and producing this play in primarily rural areas to both exercise her belief and joy in engaging audiences in socially aware dialogue and bringing high-quality, original theatre to rural communities who rarely have access to such.

- since it's premier in 2015, Zuzka has developed a relationship with Mohave tribal members at the Aha Macav Cultural Society whom she visited in Arizona three times on 2018 to introduce herself and her work, sharing the script-in-progress and discussing the cultural and social aspects of the play.

- in the spring of 2019 Zuzka visited the Aha Macav Cultural Society for the 4th time and performed The Secret Life of Ms.Oatman to a small audience of tribal members, as well as holding a renegade showing for local whites in the front yard of an Oatman residence.

- NEWS update:  The Secret Life of Ms.Oatman enjoyed a successful performance for an audience of 200+ locals in Oatman, AZ., sponsored by the Oatman Chamber of Commerce.  Special Thanks to Bobby Mursick, Joe, and the Oatman Chamber  of Commerce for making this happen!

The development of this project has been generously supported by the Humboldt Area Foundation

and the Puffin Foundation


Oct.19th, 2019             Oatman Fire Station.            Oatman, AZ

May 2nd, 2019             Ahamacav Cultural Society  Mohave Valley, AZ

April 26th, 2019            private residence                 Oatman, AZ

July 11th, 2018             Cockroach Theatre Co.        Las Vegas, NV

May 17th-19th, 2018    Mendocino Theatre Co.      Mendocino, Ca.​

For a private invited audience of Wiyot Tribal members:

April 12th, 2017                 Carlo Theatre          Dell'Arte International          Blue Lake, Ca.

March 5th, 2017                Arcata Playhouse     as a part of O2F Festival      Arcata, Ca.

Nov. 4th & 5th, 2016         Carlo Theatre          Dell'Arte International          Blue Lake, Ca.

Oct. 6th, 2017                    Studio 299                                                              Willow Creek, Ca.

The Humboldt Talkback Tour 2016:

Thursday 8/18    The Arcata Playhouse

Friday       8/19     Synapsis, 47 West 3rd, Eureka

Saturday  8/20    Westhaven Center for the Arts, Trinidad

Friday      8/26      The Sanctuary, 1301 J St, Arcata

Saturday  8/27      Mattole Valley Community Center

Sunday    8/28      Beginnings, Briceland

May 14th, 2016    Synapsis Performance Collective   Eureka, Ca.  as a part of the Lyceum of Lost Wilds

April 28th, 2016    Higher Ground Community Center     Bend, OR

July 1st, 2015        "MadLab"    Carlo Theatre     Dell'Arte International    Blue Lake, Ca.

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