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Visiting Oatman

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

April 15th-20th, 2018, I set out for my 2nd visit to the Mohave Valley to do more research for "The Secret Life of Ms.Oatman". Though the workshops and meeting I scheduled were cancelled due to extraneous circumstances, I ended up discovering another side to the mythology of the Oatman saga in the shape of a historic mining town named in honor of Olive's murdered family, and currently dazzling tourists with a homegrown show of "wild west" entertainment and shopping opportunities. The depth of Olive's story is little known, however, and still misrepresented in local lore, giving me an itch to bring the play to this community.

Thanks again to Charlotte Knox at the Aha Macav Cultural Society for continuing to dialogue with me about the play and keeping my hopes alive to present it for members of the Mohave Tribe.

Also, thanks to the Colorado River Historical Society and their museum, for enlarging my understanding of local history and how the Oatman mythology is understood in the context of the colonization of the region.

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