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The Bartow Project Launches

Dell'Arte International and The Wiyot Tribe will host the official launch of The Bartow Project, a 2-year community-engaged project investigating the life and work of contemporary artist Rick Bartow on Thursday September 19th, 2019 at 6:30pm at Dell'Arte's Carlo Theatre in Blue Lake, Ca.

Wiyot Tribal Chair Ted Hernandez and former chair Cheryl Seidner will join Associate Artistic Director Zuzka Sabata to speak about the project and it's goals as well as the tribe's relationship with Mr.Bartow. Members of the artistic team will also be present, featuring collaborator Brittany Britton (Hupa).

from left to right: James Hildebrandt (designer) Michelle Vassel (Wiyot Tribal Admin) Ted Hernandez (Wiyot Tribal Chair) Xstine Cook (designer) and Cheryl Seidner (Wiyot Cultural Liaison and former Tribal Chair). All decked out in "touks" from Xstine's Canada-based company Calgary Animated Objects Society. James and Xstine are the lead designers on The Bartow Project, woohoo!

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