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Thank You, Aha Macav Cultural Society

Following 2 weeks of persistent car troubles, Zuzka finally made it to Mohave Valley, AZ, about two hours south of Las Vegas, just over the Colorado River from Needles, to meet with the Aha Macav (Mohave) Cultural Society who graciously rescheduled when her radiator began leaking.

Zuzka spoke with members of the society about the Mohave cultural content of her play-in-progress, written about Olive Oatman, a white woman who was adopted by the Mohave in 1852. She is very grateful for the in-depth conversation, authentic and direct reactions, time, and stories that the members afforded her. She will be working on a substantial revision of the play based on the meeting and other feedback and hopes to share her work with the society again in the near future.

Thank you, Aha Macav Cultural Society!

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