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Sabbatical at Fancyland

In September Zuzka moved to a delightful wooded hillside for a year as the new long-term resident of Fancyland, a queer community land project and artist residency space created by the fabulous Sacha Marini. This very lucky opportunity surfaced as Zuzka was looking for cheap housing during a year that she is taking a creative sabbatical from her full-time work at Dell'Arte in order to finish writing her one-person play, The Secret Life of Spantsa, as well as beginning work on a second project, a punkish performance piece, written around songs and music, about childhood sexual abuse. Huge thanks and gratitude to Sacha for providing this magical, reflective space for queer folk and their allies. Interested in coming out for a weekend retreat or artist residency? Read here for more info:

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