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Monster Show

Updated: May 25, 2019

I've had the great pleasure of being invited by Bryan Schoneman to collaborate in the annual Monster Show project, bringing together artists from the Synapsis Collective and 2 Street Labs to co-create works of visual art on the theme of "monster".

Kara, my collaborator, is just about the punniest artist I have ever met and as we have mused on what is truly scary, she named a hybrid mermaid and big toe monster "Undertoe" (!!!) as well as remarking: "this is what happens when you feed your cat dairy based crayons" when i took a picture of this:

and here is a sneak peek at one of our pieces, "Knee Surgeon":

See them all at Synapsis, 212 G Street Eureka Ca. during the month of October.

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