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4 short films, oh my!

The Bartow Project began 3 years ago as an idea to generate a new, spectacle-based play about Wiyot artist Rick Bartow in collaboration with the Wiyot Tribe. At the time I had been working with tribal youth and other staff artists at Dell'Arte International to make shadowplays and otherwise creatively highlight Wiyot culture in Blue Lake, where Dell'Arte International has been located for almost 40 years, on ancestral, unceded Wiyot land.

One pandemic and 3 years later I have gained an amazing partner, filmmaker Michelle Hernandez, and we are currently shepherding 4 filmmaking teams creating tiny works of art dedicated to revealing, investigating, and discovering the art and life of Rick Bartow. I am so thrilled the work has evolved to this point and blessed to have such an excellent partnership and the support of many community members, including the Bartow Estate and Trust and the Froelick Gallery.

In a few weeks I will begin gathering audio materials to create a companion podcast for broadcast, utilizing Rick's own voice and words.

All premieres are slated for Spring of 2022 in Humboldt County at various tribal and community venues. Stay tuned!

working hard over the zooms with the incredible women of the artistic council of the project: Samantha Williams-Gray, Brittany Britton, Xstine Cook, and Co-Artistic Directors Michelle Hernandez and myself.

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